E-Course Terms and Conditions Agreement 

E-Course Policy 

To access the online e-courses, you must attest that you have read and agree to the terms and  conditions contained in this E-Course Terms and Conditions Agreement. The term “course”  includes the e-course Web pages, courses and all associated materials. Read this E-Course  Terms and Conditions Agreement carefully. 

Use of E-Course Materials 

All e-courses and materials, along with references used in or related to the e-courses, are the  property of Jamie Graff Smith (LUXEeveryday) and may only be used in the manner detailed in  this E-Course Terms and Conditions Agreement. Permission to use the material in any other  way must be obtained in writing from Jamie Graff Smith or the author of the bonus materials.  These materials are for the sole use of individuals registered for the e-course or others as  approved by Jamie Graff Smith. 

As an e-course registrant, you may view and read all materials that are part of the e-course  facility. You may also print any or all screen and pdf file pages for your personal use in taking  the e-course, but you may not share, communicate, publish or in any manner distribute to  other parties the e-course, login and password, readings, references, links or any other  materials. 

The terms and conditions regarding use of materials apply upon registration for the course,  while you are taking the e-course, and upon and after completing, withdrawing from or  terminating the e-course. 

E-Course Access 

Only e-Learning registrants have access to the discussion forums. 

Refunds for E-Courses 

You may withdraw from an e- course at any time. However in order to receive a refund, once  you are registered there will be a 30 day refund policy in place. In order to obtain a refund you  must submit the full 30 days of reflection questions thoroughly completed for every pdf  assignment for weeks 1 through 4, via e-mail. Thus, showing that you fully engaged,  participated and completed all course materials in the course for the first 30 days. 

Effective Period 

The e-courses are designed to be completed within a period of 6 months. Registrants have  access to each e-course 6 months from the date of purchase. 

Complaints about a breach of Participation Rules, Terms and Conditions Complaints about a breach of these Participation Rules and/or this E-Course Terms and  Conditions Agreement should be made by e-mail to [email protected]

Responsibility for Loss 

You are responsible for and will indemnify and hold Jamie Graff Smith & LUXEeveryday  harmless from and against any and all liability, claims and losses resulting from your actions in  connection with taking the e-courses and your breach of any terms and conditions of this E Course Terms and Conditions Agreement. 

General Disclaimer Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday Rights  

Reference materials and links provided in the e-courses are provided by Jamie Graff Smith.  Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday do not assume responsibility or liability for the accuracy  or completeness of content contained in reference materials or links. Jamie Graff Smith and  LUXEeveryday do not endorse any product, service or organization referenced. The opinions 

expressed in pieces such as “Ask the Expert” or “Thought Questions” and “Q and A’s”  included in the e-courses are solely the opinions of the contributors and do not represent the  opinions of the Jamie Graff Smith, LUXEeveryday, its officers, directors, staff, representatives  and/or its affiliates. 


Jamie Graff Smith or LUXEeveryday will deny access to this e-course to any individual who  does not agree to the terms and conditions contained in this E-Course Terms and Conditions  Agreement. Further, Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday reserve the right to terminate access  to any individual who does not abide by these terms and conditions. 

Disciplinary Action 

Registrants are deemed and presumed to be aware of and familiar with this E-Course Terms  and Conditions Agreement. Any member, candidate or individual who is found to be violating  or assisting or attempting to assist anyone in violating these Terms and Conditions is subject to  the regulations and/or any action that Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday is authorized to  take, including disciplinary action. 

E-Course Management System Access 

You agree that you will not use any robot, spider or other device, process or means to access  the e-course. Nor shall you use any process to monitor or copy our Web pages or the content  contained thereon or for any other unauthorized purpose without our prior expressed written  permission. You agree that you will not compromise or circumvent the security controls of  Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday e-courses or otherwise gain unauthorized access to said  e-courses. You agree that you will not use any device, software or routine that interferes with  the proper working of the e-courses nor shall you attempt to interfere with the proper working  of the e-courses. You agree that you will not take any action that imposes an unreasonable or  disproportionately large load on our infrastructure. You agree that you will not copy, reproduce,  alter, modify, create derivative works or publicly display any content from the Jamie Graff Smith  or LUXEeveryday e-courses without the prior expressed written permission of Jamie Graff Smith. 

General Website Disclaimer 

The content of the LUXEeveryday website is provided for information purposes only. Jamie  Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday make no claim as to the accuracy or authenticity of this  content. Furthermore Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday do not accept liability to any  person for the information or advice provided on this website or incorporated into it by  reference. Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday do not accept any liability for loss or damages  incurred as a result of reliance placed upon the content of this website. This information is  provided on the basis that all persons accessing this website undertake responsibility for  assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. 

Course Information Disclaimer 

Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy and  reliability of the information on this website and e-course. Users/viewers should be aware of  the following: 

Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday makes no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy or  authenticity of the information on this website or e-course. 

Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday course information is subject to change; up-to-date  course information is updated and published from time to time. 

Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday does not accept any liability to any person for any loss  or damage incurred as a result of the use of the information or arising out of the provision of  the information on this website. Note: In this disclaimer the term 'Information' includes any 

information (in whatever format) contained or incorporated into this website or e-course by  references or any information stored and served by this website. 

External Links Disclaimer 

The e-course or site may contain links to other websites or content belonging to or originating  from third parties or links to websites and features in banners or other advertising. Such  external links are not investigated, monitored, or checked for accuracy, adequacy, validity,  reliability completeness by us. Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday do not warrant, endorse,  guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by  third-party websites linked in any banner or other advertising. Jamie Graff Smith and  LUXEeveryday will not be a party to or in any way be responsible for monitoring any  transaction between you and third-party providers or products or services. 

Professional Disclaimer 

The site or e-course cannot and does not contain self development advice. The self  development information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only  and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based  up on such information, we encourage yo unto consult with the appropriate professionals.  Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday do not provide any kind of self development advice. The  use or reliance of any information contained on this site or e-course is solely at your own risk. 

Affiliates Disclaimer 

The site or e-course may contain links to affiliate websites, and Jamie Graff Smith and  LUXEeveryday receive affiliate commission for any purchases made by you on the affiliate  website using such links.  

Testimonials Disclaimer 

The site or e-course may contain testimonials by users of our products and/or services. These  testimonials reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of such users. However, the  experiences are personal to those particular users, and may not necessarily be representative  of all users of our products and/or services. Jamie Graff Smith and LUXEeveryday do not  claim, and you should not assume, that all users will have the same experiences. Your  individual results my vary. 

The testimonials on the site or e-course are submitted in various forms such as text, audio and/ or video, and are reviewed by us before being posted. They appear on the site or e-course  verbatim as given by the users, except for the correction of grammar or typing errors. Some  testimonials may have been shortened for the sake of brevity where the full testimonial  contained extraneous information not relevant to the general public, 

The view and opinions contained in the testimonials belong solely to the individual user and do  not reflect our views and opinions. We are not affiliated with users who provide testimonials,  and users are not paid for otherwise compensated for their testimonials.

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